Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bye for Now

To all my lovely bloggy friends and followers -

Some of you will know that my father was scheduled for an op on Tuesday which
was cancelled due to a bed shortage - in fact the whole list was cancelled.

Yesterday he ended up back in hospital as he had lost the use of his left hand
and they are suspecting a TIA (mini stroke) - he is having more tests today and
the op at the moment has been rescheduled for 3rd November.

In addition to this on Sunday I completely lost the sight in my right eye - I do
suffer from migraines but this was very different and very scary.  Those of you
who know me personally will know that I m hopeless at this sort of thing - and 
avoid all medics!! like it s not happening to me - put it in a box and it ll go away!!

Well I did the sensible thing yesterday and went to see my GP who sent me to the hospital
and like father like daughter they are suspecting a TIA but more tests on Friday.

I have been told to rest and avoid stress - as if that s possible in today's world!!

So for now thank you to all who have supported me in Blogland and
I wish you all well but I must take a break and look after me for a while.

Some blog posts have been pre scheduled so you might see those around for a little while.

Love and hugs Judith xxx


  1. Praying for you and your father, Judith. Please take care of yourself and get better.

  2. Judith oh so sorry to hear the bad news....hope your dad is okay soon and you also recover...I will keep coming back to see how you are and leave a note or two...luv to

    The Journey is the Start

  3. Judith sorry to hear this.
    thats very sad news.
    I wish you all the best and to your dad and a lot of feel better wishes.
    hope I see you when all things go better for you.

    Gr Karin

  4. Judith, just saw your oh-so-cute chipmunk card over at DeeDee's Digis and popped over to say how much I enjoyed it. So very sorry to learn about all the family sickness & problems relayed in this post. I hope you both recover well very quickly, and take good care of yourself too. I realize you are so worried over your Dad, and this is a truly difficult time for you. Do what you must to get better quickly & know that all your blog buddies will be saying a prayer for you both. Big hugs.

  5. Judith my lovely friend, so sorry to hear about your Dad, and hope that his operation on the 3rd November is a success...and as for you, I am so very sorry, take good care, follow dr's orders and get back here as soon as possible, as you will be sorely missed...before I leave love, you Won at Delicious Doodles this week, so if you feel better and want a wee dander to their shop to see which images you would like...hope this cheers you up a wee bit, take care my lovely friend, love and hugs always xxx

  6. My thoughts are with you and your father, hope everything will go well for both of you!
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. Oh dear Judith, I'm so sorry to hear this news. I pray that the doctors take good care of you and your father during these difficult times! ((big hugs))

  8. Sorry to hear thus Judith, wishing you and your dad a speedy recovery xx

  9. Judith so sorry to hear your bad news. Sending lots of love & hugs xx

  10. Judith, I'm praying for both you and your father!!! Please take care of yourself and do exactly as the doctor orders. Sending super big hugs to you!

  11. I'm so sorry to hear of yours and your Dad's health problems. Hospitals can be infuriating with their last minute cancellations. I hope your Dad gets seen to as scheduled, if not before.
    As for yourself.... how scary for you but I'm glad you did the right thing and got yourself checked out. Follow the doctor's orders now, as best you can.
    Sending you big healing hugs xx

  12. I am so sorry about your issues with your dad's health and your migraines. (I suffer from them as well and have for over 20 years...they are slowly going away and I do take meds for it...but they can be a huge problem in life for sure!) You will be greatly missed on our TT team and here in blogland period! I wish you all the best and hope things can get sorted out for you so you can come back and enjoy doing what you love. BIGGEST HUGS my friend!

  13. Oh dear Judith, so sorry to hear things are rough for you & your dad just now!
    You take good care of yourself & rest lots! I hope you're back fighting fit in no time & your dads op goes well on the 3rd!
    Will be thinking of you & eeping you all in my prayers!
    Dawn xx

  14. Oh hun I have only just seen this !!! I do hope you are both ok, please rest up. Sending lots of healing hugs xxx

  15. Judith I did wonder about a TIA when you said about losing sight in your eye-could have been brought on with the stress of your Dads health-they said mine were possibly down to stress -have you had any lately-----hello welcome to the real world and as for avoiding stress how does that work??? :) hope you both make a swift recovery
    Carol x


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