Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Brother Scan n Cut instalment 2

Afternoon lovely friends and followers - well I really should have been doing Housework!!
but with one doogie sleeping and another having a kip I thought that I would have a play.

As you know I m an avid doogie lover and so are a fair few of my friends.  

Following my previous Blog post on the Scan n Cut one doogie friend said 
that her doogie wd look good as a cut out followed by another doogie friend 
challenging me too.

So last night and today I ve been having a play and this is what I came up with
from original photographs - thanks for taking the time to look love and hugs Judith xxxx

This is a sheet that I scanned in on copy paper printed 
from a jpeg with a view to saving and cutting from 
Centura Pearl - easy well I thought that it should be!

As you can see from this "cut out" the scan was 
rubbish resulting in lots of missed areas - nothing
to do with the cut it s how the scanner read it 
haven t a clue why and so frustrating!

So what did I do - well I used the Scan n Cut Canvas Software
to trace the jpegs and convert the files to make them 
compatible with the machine - great result!!

Here are what I think at least are great results -

Large Cookie doogie cut from Centura Pearl

btw all of these were cut on the same settings -
Blade Depth 7.5
Pressure 2
Cut Speed 4
Cut 2 x

Lots of Cookie doogies

Large Tilly doogie from Centura Pearl White

Lots of Tilly doogies

Tilly Cut Out

Bits in case Cookie's mum wants to make more Cookie doogs

Tilly and friends cut outs (white)


  1. Omg Judith it took me for ever to recognise a dog in the cookie one lol xx

  2. Lol! I took a while to see it too but once I did, it was obvious!
    Dawn xx

  3. I don't own a machine like this so you're post is like Chinese to me. Cute dogs though :)

  4. Looks really good hun, super cute little dogs xxx

  5. Always fancied a cutting machine.. For me it's where to put it.. My craftroom needs an extension as it is lol.. Px

  6. These look fab, Judith, an I am a little Green, I have to say,, LOL..glad you are enjoying your Craft Toy, though, hugs xxx

  7. Wow super cute Judith.

    Hugs Diane


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